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Oct 22, 8. Oct 22, 9. Oct 22, Hard to say without a pic, but I have noticed a bunch of chinese fake ones on ebay the last little while. All Fulltone products from well before the OCD debut date have been shipped with serial numbers, if the one you have doesn't have one then there is your first red flag. It's possible that the previous owner removed the battery harness but unless he completely desoldered it there should be clipped wires, red and black in color in the pedal.

Fulltone OCD - All the 8 Versions

Also check the screws that attach the top and bottom half of the pedal, they should be knurled and circular with a flat polished top. If they are anything else then that's likely a red flag as well. PBC , Oct 22, See the thumbscrews on the side? Also notice how the washer behind the footswitch is metal on the real one and plastic on the fake?

Is this Fulltone OCD fake?

Also the real OCD has sharp, not rounded corners and the power information is not on the face of the pedal. Finally the color should not be white but more of an eggshell color. Looks too shiny and white to me and I've owned several OCDs. Some useful information about the first four versions of the OCD: Alchemy Audio , Oct 22, Didn't even have to study the pic. Mngwa , Oct 22, The fake is too white as well. The OCD is more of an off white.

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Fulltone OCD - All the 8 Versions - Alberto Dessì | MUSIC Website

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