How to stay friends after a hookup

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You could have to deal with anything from forced conversations to complete silence. It was pretty devastating to me because I feel like he completely disregarded the fact that we were friends and that we could continue being friends without the weirdness. Now we only argue when we talk. The worst-case scenario is that a hook-up ends a friendship. We broke it off…and we drifted apart naturally. Ultimately, you do have some control of the outcome and how you handle it.

Whether the aftermath is positive or negative, communication after hooking up with a friend is key. Whether the experience was good or bad, you have to talk the next day. This means discussing if you want to tell your other friends, if it was a one-time thing or if you have feelings for each other. And make sure to talk to your friend about it first.

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It will help you avoid the weirder of the following scenarios. Regardless of whether you want a relationship after the fact, pretending it never happened can feel confusing and hurtful.

When You Hookup With A Friend And Develop Feelings For Them After

Discretion is one thing, radio silence is another. Before doing anything, look at the level of friendship you have and whether you'd be comfortable asserting it with him after the fact. If you're not cool bringing it up to begin with, don't do it. The difficult part about friends with benefits is that you're in the same social circle and will run into each other. That might make you feel like a creeper.

What Really Happens When You Hook Up With a Friend | Her Campus

Guy friends can often be hypersensitive to you getting attached at all, and misinterpret you popping up as something to do with more than just being friends. If not, it is now or drinking buddies.

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