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  1. spam emails and my husband!
  2. Help! How to stop unwanted trashy emails. - AARP Online Community

This will help to cut down on the number of spam emails you receive as it will detect unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevent them from getting into your inbox. If you do spot what looks like a spam email in your inbox, avoid opening it.

spam emails and my husband!

Most spam accounts are left unread and replying can increase security risks further. If you do open up a spam email, you may find an unsubscribe link. So avoid using unsubscribe options. Worried about getting caught out by a scam or rip-off? Find out how to protect yourself.

Banks and other financial institutions will never email you to ask you for your login details or personal security details. Many websites will ask for more than they really need because they may want to target specific products towards you or find out more about the users of their site.

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That way if you do get spam, it will go to this email address and not your personal account. And if the spam becomes too much, you can close the account down and open another one. The trouble with forwarded emails from friends and family is that once the first email is sent, you have no idea how many times it will get forwarded on to other people and who exactly is going to see your email address - which will be forwarded on with the email.

This means that eventually your email address, along with those of your friends, could end up in the inbox of a spammer — and as a result, this could increase your chances of receiving spam emails.

So how exactly do you stop this from happening? Well, for a start, you could simply not forward emails on. But if you need to, to be kind to your friends, you could put your email address in the To: And you could also remove any email addresses in the body of the email.

Help! How to stop unwanted trashy emails. - AARP Online Community

I don't want to change my email account, is it not possible for Microsoft to use a better filtering system? Also are any measures actually taken when I report these emails as there's a very clear and consistent pattern to them. They've done this in an effort to force users to start paying the monthly fee for premium services.

1. Automatically Send Emails to Desired Folders

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